"contract it out"
From: Howard Landman (howardpoly.polyamory.org)
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 20:14:34 -0700 (MST)
> when it gets to a point where the work is not getting done 
> because there is no one willing and able, contract it out. Life is too short
> to be "cohousingly correct". What works for your community is what makes
> your community work.

I wish everyone had that attitude, but the issue of whether members are
going to be allowed to "buy out" of work is still mildly controversial
at our place.  Some people seem to feel very strongly the Gandhian ideal
of "there are no untouchables here" and want every member to participate
personally in the less pleasant tasks like cleaning.  My partner and I
don't even do the heavy cleaning of our own house - we have someone who
comes in every couple of weeks to do that.  We might like to hire the
same person to, say, help clean the common house a few times a year.
It is still being debated whether the community will allow this, or whether
everyone will be required to do the work themself.  (The issue of elderly
members has not been raised even though we have several.)

I'm not opposed to heavy work - on 12/31 I spent a couple of hours helping
cut down the leader of one of our elm trees, and set up the lights and
the sound system for our New Year's party, and DJ'd for 5 hours.  But I
believe that some people have more time than money, and other people have
more money than time, and that both can benefit by exchanging one for the
other.  For some reason, this notion seems to upset some people.  To me,
it's no different from hiring a babysitter sometimes.

        Howard Landman
        River Rock Commons, Fort Collins CO

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