Re: Hot tub policies in cohousing
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 14:14:07 -0700 (MST)
First note: We do not have a hot tub at our project. So these are my 
ideas, not experiences. 

Off the wall fantasy-
Have it rigged so that if it is uncovered, a small light (which is 
visible from common areas) goes on. Maybe even an additional signal that 
a person or group could add, indicating clothing-optional time. 

More mundane thoughts-
On our garden shed, we have a combination lock, with an easy-to-remember 
combination. Sure, it could "get out" but teens have to *accept rules -- 
you can't force them to, they can find a way around most things. The 
world is full of places they can get together out of sight of adults-- 
every family has to attempt to control that (I say this as the mother of 
a gorgeous, adventurous, resourceful, 14 year old daughter). Many of them 
want to avoid being around anything resembling nudity (most of the girls 
on my daughters swim team wear two or three suits, in layers, to avoid 
anything revealing.)

Rules posted,  consequences posted. 

For little children, childproof latches of some sort? education for kids 
and adults, about the hazards of drowning. CPR instructions posted 

Can access to the roof itself be controlled with a key or combination? 
That would be ideal, and would prevent small children alone from access. 

As for how much time with and without suits, how about having a "sponsor" 
for a given time slot, who decides if it's suits only, men only, or 
whatever, and posts that, and that person is also responsible for opening 
and closing, cleaning up, etc. Schedule posted:
Monday 9pm-11pm   Mary Wilson    women only
Wed 8 am -10                  John Doe       all welcome, suits
Wed noon -1       Jim and Suzy, invited guests
Wed 4-5         Joan will supervise children ages 6-10

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