Re: Work Requirements and Contracting
From: Victoria (
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 16:12:32 -0700 (MST)
Though other work is  appreciated and valued, such as cooking, cleaning up
after meals, going to
> general meetings and setting up the Trillium Hollow Musical Appreciation
> Society, these are not Work Fairshare contributions.

Jose March, Duwamish Cohousing, asks

> I'm wondering about the 2nd part of this. I feel that if someone were a
> great cook and took on the work of meals which took maybe 15 hours a
> week...that this should not be considered a Work Fairshare contribution.
> just feel like it places a value on spending time one way that benefits
> community and not on another.  What do you think?

Jose,  in the case of Trillium Hollow, we decided not to count cooking team
work in our hours partly because it is optional work (not everyone
participates in the meals program) and partly to keep it simple.  Keeping it
simple is why we're not counting community wide meetings (held twice a
month) either.  If I counted the time I put into my meal team (and didn't
subtract the time it actually saves me) and my 6 hours of community
meetings, well, that would be over 12 hours of community work a month right
there.  Partly in order to not alarm ourselves, we are counting our other
work instead.  It's arbritrary, and in no way is meant to say the cooking or
attending meetings isn't important.  I hope this makes sense.

Vicky Leary
Trillium Hollow
Portland, Oregon

PS:  Jose, to send to the whole list, send your email to
cohousing-l [at]


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