My apologies & info...
From: Jose Marquez (
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 22:41:41 -0700 (MST)
Dear Cohousing List Folks,

I want to apologize for sending an off-topic email to this list.  Clearly
this is strongly disliked by many members of this list.  I was a bit
confused when other off-topic emails were sent and I guess they must have
received an equal amount of angry emails.  As a new member of this list, I
believe that my mistake was made with the best of intentions.  When I have
joined other lists there has always been an introduction made by new members
and this gave others a chance to get to know them, welcome them, and gently
guide them when mistakes were made.  In this email I will give a brief
introduction of myself and my family.  Also, while I haven't found all of my
resources, I have included a couple of pieces of info for the few folks who
expressed interest in my off-topic email.  It will be included at the end
and I do expect everyone to take responsibility for choosing whether to read
the last paragraph or not.

Hi!  My name is March, my partner is Jose, and our son is Roman.  I am 27,
Jose is 44, and Roman is 16 months old.  We are members of the Ciel LLC
which is building the Duwamish Cohousing Community.  We have 23 units under
construction and move-in is expected around April.  We have a wonderful
Common House and a Small Common House being built also.  As an urban
cohousing community we hope to reach out to our neighbors gradually and
become a part of our community rather than remaining isolated.  Respecting
and Cherishing Diversity and Concern for the Environment are our two main
shared goals.  I love the opportunity to raise my son in a diverse
community...we have various relationships, many adopted children from around
the world, medically challenged children, mentally challenged children,
religious differences, and other uniquenesses abound!  Whoo-hoo!  Seventeen
children in all and a few more are sure to be born over the years!  So much
better than this desert of a suburb I currently live in.  To see more about
our community you can visit our website which is run by one of our members
and to see a picture of Roman go to members and check on my name "March"!!
Looking forward to learning much from this list!

Off-Topic (entering is a choice!)  :->

Sadly I cannot find my best resources right now.  However a few items of
interest...there are several  companies that llist the benefit of being
"chlorine-free, chemical-free."  Another company also specifies that their
products are made with organic cotton which is "free of pesticides,
chemicals, and chlorine-bleaching.  Better for you and the environment."  I
just think that most companies advertise about issues that customers care
about.  There may be some substance to what they are suggesting.  Here is a
general dioxin site:

Even if we don't absorb dioxin through tampons, the bleaching of the product
in the first place increases the amount of dioxin in the environment and
thus in us.  It gets there one way or another.  And when you look at us as
members of the Earth Community it becomes quite on-topic I believe.  Still,
I'll not forward another person's message again...that is the essence of
SPAMMING, perhaps?

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