RE: off-topic feminine hygiene and volunteered slavery
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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 08:34:28 -0700 (MST)
A couple of observations:

Is it true that the cohousing movement is intrinsically linked to
environmentalism?  If so, then an occasional brief bulletin urging use of
biodegradable goods is not entirely off-topic.  To me, the most
objectionable thing about the post was not its intent or content, but the
fact that the original lengthy post from other lists was reprinted three
times.  Something shorter and easier--perhaps a two-sentence intro. and a
link to a web page or discussion group--would be less objectionable.

Regarding Howard's discussion of servitude in its many forms--generally I
think I agree with him, except in the excerpt I've copied below.  I don't
find this part logical.  It's similar to the pro-slavery factions who were
able to point to many African-Americans who, after the Civil War, insisted
that they had been better off as slaves than as free.  Just because someone
advocates against their personal rights does not remove those rights.  And
if cohousing is intrinsically linked to economic reform and more fair
distribution of wealth, then these also are issues not-entirely-off-topic.

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> And in fact, the trends in automation in the latter part of the 20th
> century were opposed by labor unions for precisely the opposite reason -
> because they rendered large amounts of manual labor unnecessary, and
> allowed people with capital to make more wealth without involving many
> blue collar workers at all.  The unionists apparently preferred having
> shareholders make money "on their backs" in the same old way to being
> forced to learn new skills or not having jobs at all.
>       Howard A. Landman
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