Building shelves/testing designs
From: barbara keppel (
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 22:03:05 -0700 (MST)
Building shelves/testing designs                

My daughter introduced me to a very ingenious method for building
shelves. It was developed by 2 brothers (can't remember their 
names) in Willits, CA. It has been known variously as Quik Stix, 
Box Beam, and Grid Beam. Last I knew, they were at Suntools, POB 
1029, Willits, CA 95409. Ph 707-459-2624

I believe their first book about this method was published by 
Sunset. A second book was in progress a couple of years ago.

Using predrilled 2 x 2, lots of bolts, and shelving boards, 
shelving units can be put up very quickly. The units are very 
rigid. but can be changed around very quickly. This is a great 
way to try out arrangements before building more traditional 
looking units or to build permanent units. They can be completely
disassembled in a jiffy. They can even have casters.

With a drill press and a bunch of 2 x 2, following their 
directions, you can build all you want. They also have a metal 
version for which they recycle the supports for road signs - 
convenienty modular spacing of holes. Using this method, a friend
in Omaha bought hundreds of pounds of old sign supports from the 
highway dept., trimmed off the injured parts, and equipped his 
whole shop with very strong shelves.

BobBI Keppel  
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