Re: How do I get a copy of ADA regulations for residences?
From: Jack Wilbern (
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 14:24:56 -0700 (MST)
Dear Bob,

Residences are not subject to the ADA which only covers 'public
accommodations'. Housing with more than four units attached is subject
to the Fair Housing Act.

Both of these are civil rights style, Department of Justice (Janet Reno
ya know) regulations NOT a set of building codes. They do reference
various codes as models or guidelines to measure whether a facility has
meet the intent of reasonable accommodations. BUT. . .

No strict adherence to any standard will insure compliance - anyone
inclined to take someone to court can. That being said, I would direct
you to the following website for information on the ADA

They can answer some questions as to whether or not a clubhouse for a
small community falls into the idea of 'public accommodation'.  Don't
think you can use the dictionary definition or even logic to do so.

Also keep in mind that the Building Code for your area may have
supplemental requirements, or interpretations. Particularly California,
New Jersey and Virginia. I don't know about New Hampshire but you can
probably call the local building department.

Jack Wilbern, RA
B U T Z ? W I L B E R N
McLean, Virginia

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