Re: Cutting boards and vegetarians
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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 20:15:39 -0700 (MST)
The most dangerous thing of all is not the germs themselves but the amount
of them. When someone consumes an infected half-cooked chicken that?s been
left out in the sun for 5 hours or the juice from the meat that had been
thawed on their counter for a whole day, they get exposed to a very large
number of pathogens. However, that still doesn't spell an eminent death,
unless someone allows these bacteria to continue multiplying within the body
for hours -- which is what happens when aggressive anti-diarrheal drugs are
given right away. That is the absolutely worst thing you can do to that
person! Homeopathic Arsenicum is one of the best lifesavers here.

Cleaning product companies are creating virtual hysteria with more and more
powerful and toxic products poured into our toilet bowls and --
eventually -- into our rivers. It amazes me that some of those chemicals are
even allowed to be sold to the public, take phenol for example, which is
used in biohazardous labs to sterilize the countertops! Most of these things
are dangerous to inhale. Who in the world needs an antibacterial soap at
home? When my son started crawling he literally ate every thing he was able
to find on the floor, street, or a sand box and he never got sick, and
neither do animals or people from the rest of the world. It is important for
kids to develop an immunity to all the common microbes in the house and the
same should be applied to a cohousing community ? everyone should get used
to everyone else?s germs and there?ll be much less asthma around. Good
hygiene is very important in the kitchen, but within reason.

Cleaning product companies? propaganda is carefully channeled along two
target messages: 1) your house must look, smell, and feel like a hospital to
be safe for your kids to live in and 2) that is how the rich live. And don?t
even get me started on the exploitation of all those women whose lives and
savings are going down that sterilized drain . . .
And yet, in spite of all this, Americans just don?t wash and dry their hands
properly after visiting public bathrooms, and, even if they do, they then
touch everything inside. Go figure:-)

Riverdale cohousing, Toronto

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