University wants to work with Greater Hartford Cohousing
From: Tonka444 (
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 16:31:57 -0700 (MST)

Our cohousing group (new this past July) is now up to 12-15 households thanks 
to some luck and a front page newspaper article.  Basically we have just 
finished our vision statement, opened a bank account, started incorporation 
process, and gotten to know each other.  We are about to embark on site 

Today I was contacted by an architecture professor at University of 
Connecticut.  She said she had read the article and held onto the article for 
a while.  She told me she wanted her grad class to do the landscape design of 
our community.  She also informed me there was a lot of interest in her 
department and there might be some way that UCONN and our group could work 

While at first blush that sounds great there are a few problems.  One, of 
course, is we don't have a site.  The second is the developer that our group 
is interested in working with is building Pathways Cohousing in Northhampton 
and we are back burner at the moment.  Pickings are slim for cohousing 
developers on this coast. 

Anyway, my question is...have other cohousing communities collaborated with 
colleges in design, etc.  What are those pros and cons?


Shelly DeMeo
Greater Hartford Cohousing
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