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Hi PattyMara,

When I visited Tierra Nueva in October as part of my travels after the
coho conference, I copied the Respects and Responsibilities from all the
bits of paper around the common house to take back to my group. 

I thought it would be useful to post them on the list, but don't feel
it's my right to do this, as it is a Tierra Nueva document. Here they
are in email form anyway; maybe you could post them yourself or let me
know if it's OK for me to do so. Isn't email great!

Regards, Robin Allison
Waitakere Eco-Neighbourhood Cohousing Project
Auckland, NZ


As a member of Tierra Nueva Cohousing I support the "R & R"s as GUIDING
PRINCIPLES for desirable behaviours. Always living up to these to the
best of my ability, I agree to:

1. Physical Respect
· Respect personal boundaries
· Touch others appropriately
· Refrain from violence

2.  Emotional
· Respect others? feelings and emotions
· Take responsibility for my own feelings and emotions

3.  Verbal
· Be honest
· Use respectful forms of communication with others
· Hear what others say to me

4.  Territorial
· Respect my own and others? right to privacy, solitude, quiet, and
security in our private space
· Negotiate the use of community (common) space

5.  Material
· Care for property, respecting private and community-owned possessions

6.  Diversity
· Respect the diversity of age, gender, race, sexual orientation,
spiritual practise and physical and mental capabilities

7.  Community Consensus
· Respect the community structure and consensus decision-making process


1. Be conscientious in attending community meetings.                    
2. Take responsibility for communicating my ideas and my
3. Contribute time and energy in the form of work parties and chores.
Negotiate duration and terms of any reduction in participation that I
may require.                                                    
4. Serve as a contributing member of a committee or rotating team, such
as facilitator teams or common house manager teams.             
5. Be open and conscientious regarding my financial responsibilities.   
6. Inform the community about guests staying for extended periods of
time and any changes in my personal situation that affect the community
and/or my ability to contribute to it.                          
7. Promptly inform the appropriate people about any violence or serious
violations of the "R & R"s that I witness.

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