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From: S. Hamer (
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 15:02:37 -0700 (MST)
At Cambridge Cohousing ( and fellow residents, correct me if I'm wrong) if
an issue is red-carded (blocked) then we return to it another time (or 2, I
forget) then we can have a vote. In any case, it can end up in a  vote.

BTW, we have an old TV & VCR on a cart that we keep in the basement rec
room. We have shown videoos to kids on snow days after arts and craft
activities and impromptu luncheons. It was used to watch the exciting Red
Sox/Cleveland playoff game just before a common dinner and we will use it to
watch the Superbowl if one of our residents can't bring home his TV
projection device for next weekend. We have used that projection device to
watch family movies too. We have had movies projected outside in the summer,
as well. I personally think we should have a cable connection in the living
room so that we can watch common interest or special events together. Our
living room is underused, and I think more  TV would bring us together more.

Sharon Hamer
Cambridge Cohousing
shamer_ [at]

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