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From: allenbutcher (
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 10:42:44 -0700 (MST)
For those interested, there is a new video on community coming out in the
spring.  Below is the list of communities featured in Geoph Kozeny's 2
hour FIC sponsored video.  The price will be something like $35,
available through the FIC Website at  Two out of eighteen
featured communities are cohousing.     Allen


Ananda Village ('69, CA) Large spiritual meditation/yoga community.

Breitenbush ('77, OR) Rural retreat & conference center run as
a worker-owned business, with hydro power and geothermal heat.

Camphill Special Schools ('61, PA)  Rehabilitation/community for 
disabled; school K-12; biodynamic farming; based on Rudof Steiner 

Catholic Worker House/San Antonio ('85, TX) Urban ministry to 
poor, most residents are 12- to 18-month volunteers, from other 

Community Alternatives  ('77, BC) Large urban cooperative 
apartment complex. Original construction was gov't subsidized.  

Earthaven ('92, NC) Rural ecovillage under construction.

The Farm ('70, TN) '60s hippies reorganized, now with a hybrid 
economy, 30+ nonprofits & businesses.  

Frasier Common Farm ('78, BC) rural sister community to
Community Alternatives; worker-owned organic salad business.

Ganas ('80, NY) Urban, focused on group process/individual growth.
Three levels of participation from income-sharing to independent.

Goodenough ('81, WA) Non-residential spiritual community; 
personal & social transformation, education, cooperative 

Hearthaven ('87, MO) Small urban extended family; Christian/pagan 
common spiritual focus; activists/networkers/environmental 

Miccosukee Land Cooperative ('73, FL) Land Co-op (many voluntary

N-Street ('86, CA) Retrofit cohousing, urban cooperative block 
design with common back yards and frequent shared meals.  

Nyland Cohousing (93, CO) Suburban, large cohousing community 
[include description of Coho roots in Denmark].  

Purple Rose Collective ('78, CA) Small urban collective household of

Riverspirit ('78, CA) Back-to-the-land pioneer village with 5 families.

Sandhill ('74, MO) Small, rural, secular, egalitarian, family-style 
labor & income-sharing processes, organic farming.  

Twin Oaks ('67, VA) Large, rural, secular, egalitarian, with labor 
credit system, planner manager gov't.  
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