Spiritual Cohousing
From: allenbutcher (allenbutcherjuno.com)
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 11:14:19 -0700 (MST)
And so it begins.  The inevitable spiritualization of the cohousing
design, or perhaps better said, adaptation of the cohousing design for
spiritual/religious goals and ideals.  This differentiation from secular
intention to spiritual orientation is surprising to me only in that it
took so long.  Of course, the author is only proposing the idea, which
doesn't yet exist, at least not in the affirmation of spiritual community
using the cohousing design, but it looks closer to being a reality.

Personally, I feel that what ever people feel they have to do or say to
build community is okay.  If cohousing is an inspiration that brings
religious people together in community, we can thank Katie and Chuck and
others for doing such a good job in articulating the vision, even if how
people use it is different from the designer's goals.

Thanks, Ann, for posting this article reference.       Allen


excerpts from " Co-Housing, Anyone?"  by Shonna Husbands-Hankin

With an eye towards shaping Jewish renewal co-housing communities, where
spiritual practices and holy days could be integrated into a vibrant
shared life, we toured a number of different types of co-housing
communities. Below are observations culled from these visits, offered
with the hopes that together one can synthesize the best concepts and
integrate them into local/regional hubs of Jewish renewal co-housing
communities throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad. 


Co-housing Contacts: Consistent with its mission to nurture the growth of
communities, ALEPH is pleased to offer information for people seeking to
become involved with Jewish renewal co-housing. The following individuals
have offered to be contacts in their regions. We regret it if we have
omitted anyone who should have been included, and encourage everyone
involved in the formation of Jewish renewal co-housing or intentional
communities to make themselves known to one another. New York to
Mid-Atlantic: Phyllis Berman, BermanPO [at] aol.com New England: Rosalie
Eisen, 413-586-3602 or RosalieEisen [at] aol.com Pacific Northwest: Shonna
Husbands-Hankin, 541-484-6053 or ShonnaHH [at] aol.com Southwest: Ayla
Grafstein, rabbi [at] ruach.org or Steve Klemow, 480-451-9339 Colorado: Cindy
Gabriel, Gabriel36 [at] aol.com Anyone wishing to be involved at a planning
and organizing level, either as a contact person for a region that is not
represented here, or by facilitating collaboration among groups, may also
contact Cindy Gabriel. Beyond co-Housing: Ruach HaAretz, a group in
California, is interested in building a Jewish renewal retreat center
that would also house a year-round community. People interested in that
concept may contact Jonathan Siedel at JonSeidel [at] aol.com. 

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> Hi all!
> A friendly prospect for Takoma Village told me about this article on 
> the
> www.shalom.org website.  Thought you might like to check it out:
> http://www.shalomctr.org/html/shalomctr/comm002.html
> Cohousing is getting to be rather a household name!
> Ann Z.

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