Cohousing issue of communities magazine.
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 09:34:32 -0700 (MST)
Hurry, last chance to place a bulk pre-order of the special cohousing
issue of Communities magazine. See Contents preview below. IMHO this issue
will be one of the best resources about cohousing and will become scarce and
highly sought after. (OK, so I did co-edit it and maybe I am just a little
over amped about it, but I did get to read all the articles, and this is
really one of the best collections of writing about cohousing I have seen.)

The Communities' office has extended a special opportunity for bulk
pre-orders at our request as the recent excellent issue on "Conflict
and Connection" sold out very quickly (you're lucky if you got one!).

Why else might you want to pre-order extra copies?

+ Excellent advice, great stories, honest opinions.
+ Useful for outreach and member education.
+ Help your uncle Mike understand this co-what? thing you are doing.
+ Save money - deep discounts available by pre-ordering.
+ Add to the normal print run of 5300, increasing availability.
+ Give them to fellow members who forget to return 'your' copy.

A partial preview of the tentative Table of Contents:

+ Clearly Something Is Happening Here, Co-Guest Editor Rob Sandelin
observes the remarkable rise of cohousing in North America since
1988, which some call "community for the middle class."

+ Sunday at Dumawish, "Cohousing is now both my religion and my
politics," confesses Virginia Lore.

+ What Do You Mean, "Community"? Consensus facilitator and mediator
Laird Schaub suggests remedies for difficult process issues that
challenge cohousing groups.

+ Sample Integrated Design/Construction and Process Timeline, Shari
Leach, Wonderland Development Company

+ Winslow Cohousing: The First 10 Years "We set out to change our
world," explains Roberta Wilson, "and now community is changing us."

+ Community Process and Community Development: Incompatible Worlds?
Westwood Cohousing's project manager and group member Elana Kann
plumbs the dynamics of operating in mutually exclusive cultures.

+ Ten Principles of Cohousing Construction Management, J.D.
Lindeberg, Sunward Cohousing

+ Cranberry Commons: Merging to Make It Happen What happens when a
cohousing group is too small? Steve Walmsley.

+ Finding the People, Finding the Money, National cohousing activist
Zev Paiss offers insights from helping cohousers find enough people
and funds to pull off multi-million dollar cohousing projects.

+ Building Green Community on a Budget, Cohousing is uniquely suited
to model sustainable living to our culture believes Liz Walker. How
they do it at EcoVillage at Ithaca.

+ Bofaelleskaber to Cohousing, Chuck Durrett and  Danette Milman
chronicle the origins of cohousing in Denmark-where a visionary young
architect sought "something between utopia and the single-family

+ Reinvigorating Urban Neighborhoods Urban retrofit cohousing
projects can offer inner city neighborhoods a new life, say Kathryn
McCamant and Danette Milman.

+ "I Want to Live Here Forever, Dad." Why cohousers do it,
ultimately. Rob Sandelin

Special Feature:

+ Conflict and Community: Community Member as "Lightning Rod."  Why,
when a community's "problem person" leaves, does the "problem"
suddenly switch to someone else? Harvey Baker's explanation may

Cost per copy in $USD includes shipping to US & Canadian addresses and is:

        5-9   = $4.50
        10-19 = $4.00
        20-24 = $3.50
        25+   = $3.30

Please send your pre-order by February 2nd to:

        Marty Klaif, FIC Publications Manager
        25125 NW Jarrell Rd.
        Hillsboro, OR 97124

        marty [at]

You'll received an invoice from the office.

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