Re: Master's in Cohousing
From: gdillmann (
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 10:43:54 -0700 (MST)
Hi all,

I'm a long-time lurker on the list; not yet in a position to pursue
living in cohousing, though my spouse and I are very interested
eventually.   I think I've only written to this list one other time
before now!   I have a masters in sociology, and wrote a thesis on
cohousing (about social capital formation in cohousing), and I'm
wondering if that might be what the original reference to "masters in
cohousing" was about?  I can't imagine a graduate program in
cohousing--that would be an awfully high level of enlightenment for an
American university!   I'm currently taking a break in researching
cohousing, as I'm now working on a Ph.D. in environmental sociology.

 I'd be curious to know if any list has been compiled of theses &
dissertations done on cohousing so far.  I know of a few, including one
diss. by another sociologist.  

This list is both very enjoyable, and informative!

best wishes,
George Dillmann
Dept. of Sociology
Univ. at Buffalo (New York)

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