Re: The End of an Era -
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 20:37:17 -0700 (MST)
A letter to Neal C from Eno Commons to me, Gary. e

Of-Course I remember you. I really enjoyed that walk we took during one of 
the events.
Yes, there are an array of things I could talk about concerning our demise,
and yes there are many ways to make cohousing less painful.

One is developer expertise, two a formula for critical pathways.
There is big money and unfathomable gratification to those who create this 
model and market it correctly. 

I hope that I may be apart of that one day. It will take a dozen or so 
professionals like Jim Leach, Zev Paiss, Chris Hanson, Chuck and Katie backed 
with the cake it takes to create the prototype.

I will be a burning soul living in a house waiting for community.

I must commend all of you who have taken the time, effort and money to see 
cohousing into a reality for yourselves and others.  

Synergy Cohousing is gone, but cohousing will happen eventually.

Like I said there is a developer here that 'says' he's going to create a 
cohousing type community in North Broward County. ( Coral Springs, Fl. )

As always I will be tapped into cohousing through the 'L'.

For all who wish to see what our project was to be go 
<A HREF="";>here. ( )</A>

Gary Shlifer
Director ? Director of Photography
Miami - Los Angeles - New York
gary [at]<A HREF="";></A><A HREF="";>m</A>

Ininterested in how a Cohousing development can come to fruition with out so 
much pain. Have you learned anything from the experience that you could share 
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