RE: Mixing Children with Business
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Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 09:06:35 -0600 (MDT)
I have yet to meet  any children (under the age of say 12) that will have
any interest in long, boring adult meetings. Any meeting at Sharingwood is
open to any child to attend, and as far as I can recall only very rarely has
any kid ever chosen to do so. So you can ask them to be part of the meeting
if you want, but I suspect they would rather play. I know I would.

Rob Sandelin, Sharingwood Community
On the road, Texas Coast (the birds are fabulous)

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We are wrestling with the issue of children at business meetings. (I'm sure
that this has been discussed before but I failed to find a corresponding
thread.) We expect to be selecting land in a matter of weeks, and then
starting an ambitious year of development and marketing (construction to
begin in a year?) The issue is whether/how children should be included in
our "business meetings" during that period of time.

We usually meet on a weekly basis, sharing potluck during the first hour and
then investing the next two hours in business. Nearby childcare is being
provided. We differ on whether/how children should be included in the
business portion of our time together. Some of us really want to be focused
while we deal with substantial (expensive, and difficult) issues, and don't
want to be distracted during this time. Some of us don't want to exclude our
children completely, and would like to include them somehow in this very
important aspect of what we are doing as a community.

Are there lessons learned? Keep in mind that we are taking on an aggressive
schedule, and will need to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

Dave Busse
Equinox Cohousing Group
Eastside Seattle
(In Land Search)

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