Re: Environmenal Frustration
From: RowenaHC (
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 18:51:12 -0600 (MDT)
I think we could all be driven into a depression by reading about the state 
of the planet and looking around us at the total disregard paid to ecological 
issues by almost everyone, even the highly educated and those with real 
choices.  It would have been funny if it were not so sad to read about the 
indignation of those people who chose to drive very expensive, gas guzzling 
and grossly polluting SUVs when the price of gas went up a few cents 
recently.   In Europe they pay about the same for a litre as we do for a g 
allon of gas!

I think all most of us can do most of the time is to "think globally and act 
locally" to repeat a cliche.   Here in Cambridge Coho we have an informal 
group called Live Lightly Please (LLP) which tries to inculcate habits of 
attention in our community.  They track down bargain domestic fluorescent 
bulbs, make sure everything that can be is recycled, demand that we use 
recycled and non-toxic products in our common house and on our common ground, 
turn off lights, circulate educational stuff, discourage the planting of 
foreign invasive plants, use of petroleum based cleaners and chlorine bleach, 
and generally keep environmental issues before us on a regular basis.   Does 
everyone go along?   Unfortunately, no.  But many do, and at least those who 
don't hopefully feel guilty as they leave lights blazing in every room!

On a somewhat larger scale, we can support those organizations that act for 
the general good and sue the bad guys.  The Conservation Law Foundation is an 
important player in the Northeast and there are others around the country.  
We can also write our representatives and help make the environment an issue 
in the upcoming elections.  Unfortunately, as those who sought to control the 
waste from massive hog farms found out, money talks and money elects 
representatives who won't control the damage.

So,  buy organically raised food, live lightly, support the good guys, and 
pray that awareness will come in time to save this lovely planet of ours.


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