Re: Anyone going to Million Mom March?
From: Lee Irwin (
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 06:50:34 -0600 (MDT)
Yes, several from Chesapeake Cohousing are going to the march.  My
friends, who are joining the Unitarians at the march, sent me the

"Info on sunday's rally: Washington Area UU's will be meeting on the north
side of Madison drive near the West Wing of Nat'l Gallery of Art; metro to
Archives; Stroller march toward capitol begins at 11; largest bulk of
crowd due by noon."

I doubt we have nametags, but if you look for us, ask for Dennis Jay,
Julia Newhouse, or me.

        Lee Irwin
        Chesapeake Cohousing

On Tue, 9 May 2000, Diane Simpson wrote:

> This is a long shot, but I wondered if any of my fellow (or sister)
> cohousers are going to the Million Mom March this weekend in D.C. If so,
> let's get together! Send me an email at <coho [at]> and we'll
> figure out a way to rendezvous!
> A bientot!
> --Diane(:^]
>        @@                 coho [at]                  @@
>       @@@@       Diane Simpson       @@@@
>       |  |     Boston, MA 02130-4436        617-522-2209     |  |

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