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From: Mary Ellen Wessels (mewmewsic.com)
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 07:15:26 -0600 (MDT)
I've been lurking - Hi.  I'm a potential member of what was 
"ChiCoCo" now "Northern Vermont CoHousing" and my husband 
and I will start our own community in MA if we don't end up joining 
them.  RE: Associate members etc - It's a different beast in many 
ways but my husband's family have long had a summer camp on 
Lake Champlain on "Cedar Beach".  The land is owned by the 
"Cedar Beach Association" so in that respect it is sort of like a 
condo association I guess.  But the people have mostly known 
each other for years so in that respect it is a *little* more like co-
housing (just a little!) but they have "social memberships".  Social 
members can do things like use the tennis courts and dock, and 
can certainly attend meetings but I don't think they get a vote so 
there must be ways to do things like this.  (I'll forward this to my 
husband and he can clarify if he wishes).  I look forward to reading 
of this.

On a related subject - Do any of your groups have some way that 
someone can have a "seasonal" membership??  I have a good 
friend who lives in San Fransico who would seriously consider living 
in a co-housing group with us part of the year if that were an option. 
 He can afford it, but I wonder how this might work?  

Mary Ellen (aka - mew)
MaryEllen Wessels
mew [at] mewsic.com   http://www.mewsic.com
131 DW Hwy PMB #609
Nashua, NH 03060
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