Re: Old Oakland CoHo on the news tonight
From: MartyR707 (
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 11:25:00 -0600 (MDT)
In a message dated 5/12/00 8:54:05 AM, Raines Cohen <coho-L [at]> 

<< We just had major TV camera presence at our project's "Grand Opening" 
today here at Swan's Market, with Oakland's Mayor Jerry Brown saying "We 
should have more CoHousing in downtown Oakland" and praising Coho's 
contribution to the overall mixed-use "smart growth", elegant density, 
historic-preservation project.

So if people can cue up their VCR's for national newscasts this evening, 
you just might catch something featuring a Cohousing banner in the 
background, plus footage of our community! We don't have cable here yet, 
so anything anyone can record would be appreciated. There may be some 
coverage in papers tomorrow (even beyond the Bay Area) >>

I was watching channel 4 - KRON TV in SF last night and saw a very brief 
mention of the renovated Swan's Market which includes "affordable housing".  
They didn't ever say the word cohousing, oh well.....  I am actually going to 
visit today and really looking forward to it!!
Marty Rob erts
Two Acre Wood, Sebastopol.

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