Dishwashers, bleach rinse and post office boxes
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Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 16:50:59 -0600 (MDT)
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> Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 00:55:01 EDT
>  From: Berrins [at]
>  Subject: Dishwashers, yet again...
>  Hi folks.

>  We at Pathways need specific information re: commercial dishwashers. I've
>  read the archives and past posts and got a lot of general information.
>  However, I haven't seen any information about specific brands (except 
>  Hobart).  We are on the verge of buying one and would love to hear
>  about your experiences with whatever brand you have.  We had picked
>  out an ADS model, but later found out that all ADS models use a
>  bleach sanitizing rinse. Bleach is an environmental bummer, so we're
>  looking for a diferent brand.

i'm not a chemist, just a retired public health administrator, so i tend to 
think about things like sewage and safety.  

i should think that most final cycles on a  commercial dishwasher would be an 
environmental bummer, since the point is to kill germs big time.  superhot 
water would do it, but is expensive to produce.  other chemicals would do it, 
but are likely to be worse than bleach.  i've always thought of bleach as one 
of those good old standbys that do the job cheaply and efficiently, and 
therefore get over looked by the capitalist system (just like solar power).  
does anybody have more solid information on this?

on another thread, post office boxes, i'm replying here from a safety 
perspective.  in case of fire or accident, emergency vehicles need to be able 
to know exactly where to go.  therefore, every individual dwelling unit 
should have its own number clearly displayed on the front. 

we now segue into post office boxes.  once every house has its own number, 
the post office should be able to deliver to that address, whether directly 
to the front door, or to a numbered box.  apartment houses almost always have 
individual boxes behind locked doors, which is why postal carriers have a 
huge ring of keys.  it's my understanding that postal rules are a federal 
system, and therefore should be pretty much the same across the country.  
have the people getting community mail all in one big pile considered 
demanding a little better service from their local post office?

Christine Pattee
Greater Hartford CT Cohousing
c2pattee [at]

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