RE: Frustration on environmental issues
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Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 17:50:32 -0600 (MDT)
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Hang in there you have made a great contribution by sharing your 
frustration.  Keep up the good work.  Take heart.  There are good things 
happening here and there.  Celebrate them.  I am so delighted that cohousing 
has a growing presence on the web.  Its encouraging!

Alan Ridley
yaridley [at]
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>Subject: RE: Frustration on environmental issues
>Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 09:03:03 -0500
>I very firmly subsribe to the belief that intentional Communities of all
>kinds offer great opportunities to role model and living examples of better
>ways to live. Each community has its own degree of lessons to teach the
>world. Much of my energy going into organizations like NICA is fueled by
>this desire to create places to example and outreach good works.
>Check out the vision of Cedar Village to get an idea of where I am
>personally headed next in terms of community
>Rob Sandelin
>On the road, currently at Pinyan Farm community, near Atlanta
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>Dear Fellow Cohousers,
>Sigh.  I am feeling so very very frustrated by our future prospects on this
>planet.  You know, I have to ignore so much just to move on with my life
>without being completely depressed.....then I question my choice to ignore
>the huge environmental issues because it is by ignoring these things that
>they stay as bad as they are.  I also feel tremendously weak and unable to
>improve the world.  It is just so frustrating to watch the same old 
>being made over and over again.....the same powerful people staying in
>In particular, I'm stressed right now about the Bioengineering of foods and
>animals!  No one seems to care much in our country and they just released
>4000 GE salmon (trout?) into our local lakes for fishing season!  Hundreds
>of thousands (millions?) of acres of GE corn & soy (in particular) have 
>planted this year....etc.  Then I hear about this particularly bad beetle
>which was brought into North America in the late 1860's by a scientist who
>wanted to breed them with another bug to produce a stronger strain of
> 100+ years later our forests are still being ravaged!  When
>will we get it that we don't have the skills to play Mother Nature and win?
>It's also so upsetting to see us crowding out so many of our fellow
>earthlings.  There is a small town in our area through which the local 
>bears travel every year on their way to the salmon runs.  The people of 
>town enjoy the annual migration of the bears.  This year the runs were
> salmon showed up.  The bears began to starve (these runs are a
>major source of their annual feeding cycle) and many returned to the town
>with all of its trash cans.  Although no one was hurt, they were very
>aggressive (starving can do that to you) and close to 20 were shot to death
>by local authorities.  Yet, an initiative to limit trophy fishing was
>defeated last year....and the issue is obviously much deeper than that, but
>NO ONE seems willing to do without for the greater good.  I, personally,
>decided to stop eating salmon, but what good does that do?  I am only 1 out
>of billions!
>I believe that we each have to do our part....but we do ALL have to do our
>part and that doesn't seem to be happening!  I hope that cohousing can be a
>force for increasing unity of purpose for our species....for without unity
>we will destroy our planet Earth.  Any ideas out there?
>Duwamish Cohousing
>West Seattle

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