Dishwashers, bleach rinse and post office boxes
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>  Mahalo,
>  I read retired environmental health administrator's comments about 
>  dishwater stuff, and tend to agree with him about the use of chlorine, 

--i was quite interested in your response, but CHRISTINE is not a "him" <bg>. 
 oops-dishwashing duty for you tonight -- big tub of hot, hot water, rubber 
gloves and bleach rinse, just the way we used to do it in camp.
in sisterhood, christine pattee

>  instead of other chemicals.  I feel the best is very hot water, as the 
>  environmental costs are dependent on how you produce the energy to heat 
>  water, and not the "wastewater product" coming out of the dishwater.  Im a 
>  current (not retired yet) environmental specialist in water issues, and 
>  deeply involved in "onsite wastewater" issues, so have given some thought 
>  the old water in, water out principal.
>  Whichever chemicals you use are going to flow, either to the local town 
>  sewer system, or your own septic system, the least harmful, in diluted and 
>  intermediate doses is chlorine, so,as it disapates and is used up, as it 
>  moves through the waste plumbing system, (some larger city sewer systems 
>  actually add chlorine to raw sewage to "freshen" it up (keep it more 
>  aerobic) Well with these rambles, I like to suggest hot water  (which has 
>  its own problems with moving hot grease down the pipes and causing 
>  or a chlorine rinse.
>  Just some thoughts from California.
>  >Subject: Dishwashers, bleach rinse and post office boxes
>  >Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 17:41:57 -0500
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