Re: question from a grad student
From: Jeff Hobson (
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 18:36:53 -0600 (MDT)
Liz - 

Would you compile the responses you get and send them to the list? Or maybe
you could post a link to the eventual paper you write?

I'm with a cohousing group in the San Francisco Bay Area that is interested
in incorporating affordable housing into our project. We are currently at
the site search stage and are unsure as to whether and how we will do this.
We've gotten lots of advice from this list, the Cohousing Network (see
David Mandel's page there), and from the Cohousing Company. 

I know there are many in the cohousing movement who are interested in
affordable housing but who may be daunted (or defeated) by the prospect of
combining two difficult-to-develop types of housing. 

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At 06:05 PM 5/16/2000 -0500, E. Rice wrote:
>I'm a graduate student at University of Washington School of Public
>Affairs. I'm in a policy class, and a group of us are looking at issues of
>housing and low-income affordability. I, in particular, am looking at
>cohousing as an option for the city to get more behind in terms of
>low-income housing development. I know many cohousing groups seek
>diversity of all kinds, including income diversity, but I'm wondering how
>well you feel it works, and how city incentives to create affordable
>housing as part of the cohousing unit help or inhibit its creation. I'm
>also wondering how those who are part of the cohousing movement in general
>feel about the ability of cohousing to address issues of availability of
>low-income housing options, especially in cities such as Seattle in which
>real estate prices have increased to the point where it is difficult to
>maintain affordable housing. 
>Hope you don't mind me posting to this email list. I would love any input
>anyone has on this matter.
>Thanks for your time
>Liz Rice

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