Phasing in buyers?
From: Cascadia Commons Cohousing (
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 19:12:39 -0600 (MDT)
Hello from Cascadia Commons in Portland Oregon which is under construction, 
first units ready in July!

Regarding membership: The way our project is phased, while the second/final 
phase is being built, we're going to be a group of community members (all of 
whom live or will live in the finished project), most of whom are HOA 
members (who control the HOA) and many of whom are LLC members (in charge of 
development).  Has anyone else has had such complexity of overlapping 
authority / multiple hats?

During the coming six months, most business-y decisions will be made by 
either the LLC or the HOA.  Because our developing LLC will show a financial 
loss, it really isn't feasible that newbies will join the LLC.  Do you have 
any recommendations how (and whether) to include in decision-making those 
community members who aren't part of the LLC nor yet part of the HOA?  I.e. 
folks who are newcomers with a small financial investment who intend to buy 
a unit in the second/final phase.  I wonder if they'll be "can-do" folks who 
get frustrated because they're not yet full active partners.

Jennifer Gates of Cascadia
gates_jennifer [at]

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