$15,000 Grant Spurs "Livable New England" Initiative
From: Diane Simpson (cohoworld.std.com)
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 20:02:38 -0600 (MDT)
"A $15,000 grant from the Lincoln Instititute of Land Policy was announced
in April at a special meeting of the BSA [Boston Society of Architects]
group planning the Civic Initiative for a Livable New England.

Developed by the BSA in league with the Massachusetts Chapter of the
American Planning Association, the Boston Bar Association and the
Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency, the Civic Initiative is a
two-year exploration of smart-planning alternatives available to those of
us who live in New England. As issues defined as "smart growth," "suburban
sprawl," and "livable communities" are sprinkled throughout news reports in
our daily papers and broadcast media, the BSA's Civic Initiative is an
effort to bring together the public-policy makers and the residents of New
England who can help construct appropriate rationales and tools that will
lead to the development of well-planned neighborhoods, towns, and regions.

Led by BSA Vice-President Rebecca Barnes FAIA and co-chairs Gary Graham
FAIA and Randy Jones AIA, the other activists playing leadership roles in
this extraordinary series of events include Lincoln Institiute's Armando
Carbonell and the key players listed in the column at right. [lists a bunch
of big architectural and political honchos in Boston]

This initiative has attracted national attention and BSA members and allies
are encouraged to join us in this unusual effort. For details, write/call
program coordinator Alexandra Lee at alee [at] architects.org/617-951-1433 x

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