Re:Conference Opportunity! - "Suburban Studies"
From: Diane Simpson (
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 21:53:54 -0600 (MDT)
I went to a Boston Society of Architects talk on Livable Cities the other
night (attended by at least 200 people--the Rabb lecture hall was almost
full) and somone asked the Pulitzer-Prize winning speaker what he thought
of that "kind of housing where they have shared meals and services..I don't
know what you call it.."

The lecturer admitted he didn't know what you called it.

At least half the audience called out in unison: "COHOUSING!"

My conclusion is that "acadamia only talks to itself and is out of contact
with the real world." I think that architects as a group (at least the ones
in Boston) are very well aware of what cohousing is, but they do not see it
as their role to promote it.

If TCN were to start *somewhere* in promoting cohousing, I would agree that
the architecture and sociology departments in schools across the country
would be an excellent place to start. Architectual societies would also be
a good place. I myself am trying to get in on the "Civic Initiative for a
Livable New England" to see if I can get anything at all into the program

I appreciate the notice about the call for papers, and will probably send
SOMETHING in even though I do not expect to get a call to present anything
because I am not in academia.


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>I don't know what to conclude from this: Either acadamia only talks to itself
>and is out of contact with the real world, or cohousing has not done enough
>to spread the gospel.  Maybe some of both. But thank you, Ginny Moreland,
>for >making us aware.
>I wonder is there perhaps an opportunity for some targeted promotion (by TCN
>perhaps?) of cohousing to academia -- say the Architecture and the Sociology
>Departments of every school in the country?

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