RE: Help looking for Pacifica CoHousing?
From: Lashbrook, Stephan (
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 17:33:33 -0600 (MDT)

If anyone knows the answer to Susan's question, please let the whole group
know.  I am particularly interested in any cohousing projects that have been
coordinated with Habitat.

We need to keep looking for ways to keep cohousing affordable.



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Subject: Help looking for Pacifica CoHousing?

I am looking for information as to whether Pacifica CoHousing ever got 
built, in San Mateo County, CA.  I have an article about them working with 
Habitat for Humanity building a 14 unit community.  The article is from 
"CoHousing" Summer 1993, and stated in article that it was being built the 
following year, 1994.  Some names in the article include Larry Kasparowitz 
(founding member)and Bill Dempsey.  Basically, I want to know if Habitat did

indeed build it and possibly someone we can talk to about how they did it.  
I am chair of a subsidy committee at EcoVillage of Ithaca, NY, looking for 
ways to make cohousing affordable!  TIA
Sue Roenke

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