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Susan Roenke wrote:

>I am looking for information as to whether Pacifica CoHousing ever got 
>built, in San Mateo County, CA.  

No, the project was never built.  And they had a really sweet little site
with a view of the ocean. When I was living at Doyle St. Cohousing, I was
invited to do a little presentation at one of their marketing/orientation
meetings.  The prospective members who came to the meeting--and there were
quite a few, it turns out, had been attracted solely by the projected low
cost of the units, and were completely uninterested in cohousing. The
Habitat people had purchased the site and were enthusiastic about
cohousing, but they just couldn't make it fly. 

I can't help but be reminded that when we were "recruiting" people for Old
Oakland Cohousing in a public venue--a farmer's market--many of the people
who stopped by began and ended their conversations with us with the
question, "How much for a two bedroom?"  Then there are those who "love the
concept,"  and keep, "loving the concept," sometimes for many years.....but
that's another story. 

Joani Blank
finally living happily at Old Oakland Cohousing at Swan's Market, aka as
OOCoHo.   There is a there here in Oakland, California, Gertrude Stein

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