Port Townsend WA resale home @ RoseWind
From: Lynn Nadeau (welcomeolympus.net)
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 18:31:19 -0600 (MDT)
A  big beautiful home is going up for resale at RoseWind Cohousing in Port
Townsend WA, on the Olympic Peninsula. We are in the general region of
Seattle (though not close enough for daily commuting).

RoseWind is in its eleventh year, with all 24 units of our
lot-development model owned, 16 homes built and occupied, and several
more slated to go up this year. Our common house is getting interior
finish, and will also be ready this year. We're a wonderful collection of
interesting people, living in a Victorian seaport, with lots of art,
music, boats, and liberal and environmental activism. We have views of
forests and pastures,  but are 5-10 minutes drive from most everything in
this town of 8000. Port Townsend is a really excellent place to raise
children, with many activities for the school-age and preschool

The house for sale is a handsome Victorian-looking house that is very
spacious and has lots of  custom work. In addition to its 3 bedrooms, 
there is a den, plus a  large attic with windows and hardwood flooring. 

The house is listing at $339,000, very much in line with similar
properties in town which do not ALSO have all the amenities of 4 acres of
commons, a common house, fenced vegetable gardens, and our fine company
and cooking--- RW has lots of excellent cooks!

More detail on the house: 1830 sq ft on the two main floors,  plus
walk-in crawlspace storage, and full attic ; radiant oak flooring, solar
hot water, propane, garden beds, shrubs and young trees in yard, large
shed, big trellis in sunny south yard, bay windows (by the dining area on
the first floor, and as a little sunroom upstairs). Quality detailing

The present owner has a daughter who is passionate about horses, and they
are moving to country acreage with space to keep horses.
For info on Port Townsend go to www.ptguide.com
For more info on RoseWind go to www.olypen.com/sstowell/rosewind/

Email me if you want more info on RoseWind, or on the house for sale.
Also let me know if you want to be notified about future resales, if for
example, you would prefer something smaller, or an unbuilt lot, should
one get resold. We haven't had many resales so far, but you never know.

Lynn Nadeau
welcome [at] olympus.net

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