Re: renters policies
From: Lee Irwin (
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 07:21:09 -0600 (MDT)
Doesn't the landlord still pay his/her condo fees?  If that is te case,
then there is still a contribution on behalf of that renter.

        Chesapeake Cohousing
On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Witten & Fitch wrote:

> Is their any community out there with a clear policy about renter use of
> commonhouse facilities.
> I am particularly interested in laundry use:  are your members billed for
> laundry use, and are renters billed at same or higher rate?
> We, at Pioneer Valley Cohousing, never anticipated renter use when we set
> laundry fees, and now of course we have renters within the community.  Our
> renters usually become very active members of the community, so there is a
> good deal of reluctance to treat them differently, or unfairly.
> To encourage communal laundry use, we had wanted to keep laundry fees low.
> So, we had figured that our monthly condo fees would cover machine repairs
> and the laundry fees would cover fuel use only.  Last I remember, we were
> charging about 10 cents a load!  So in a real way, my condo fees are paying
> for someone else's renter depreciating our machines.  And of course, I do
> not have the financial gain that the "landlord" gets.
> >From Laura, a lonely advocate for raising the costs for renter's use.

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