Fw: WIR Notice
From: rdchef (rdchefjuno.com)
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 15:52:25 -0600 (MDT)

To the friends of Wild Iris Ranch,

Sadly, the intentional community that was forming on
the Sonoma Coast known as Wild Iris Ranch has ended.
The members of the group decided to discontinue our
exclusive option to buy on the land in Jenner and to
allow the owner to put the property up for sale. We
had extended deadlines a number of times to allow us
time to recruit and decided that the time had come to
let this particular vision go. Though the land is
beautiful, it proved difficult to attract enough
people able and willing to financially commit to
building and living in that rural setting. 

However, several of us are still committed to pursuing
community living. We are open to broader options,
especially those involving less expensive rural or
semi-rural land with existing structures closer to the
Bay Area. Ideal locations would be including and south
of Sebastopol, west of Highway 101 to the coast and
north of the Bay Area; Petaluma, Bloomfield, Two Rock
and Novato areas preferred. Perhaps a ranch or
contiguous lots can be found. The model we envision
incorporates co-housing and shared housing for a group
of 6-12 individuals and families.

If it turns out that enough people are still
interested in pursuing the dream at Jenner, then we
can still receive a discounted purchase price
(provided, of course, that it hasn't sold already). In
any case, we have a work party day scheduled on the
Ranch for Sat, July 8th. It's still there and
beautiful and we can help the owner with some chores
and enjoy the space.

If you are interested in participating in a future
community or know of property available, please let us
know. Call Karen at (415) 752-7545 or e-mail to
michaelxxoo [at] yahoo.com

Thank you for your support,
The group formerly known as Wild Iris Ranch


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