Co-Housing Consultants
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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 18:28:55 -0600 (MDT)

Co-Housing Consultants

Tired of renting? Ready to take the plunge into cohousing but not wanting
wait years for new construction?

Co-housing Consultants is a new venture with partners Karen Hester and
Ohlsson to develop small (10 units or less) cohousing communities, using
existing housing units. We work with interested individuals and groups to
develop cohousing in existing multiple unit property and/or adding single
family houses side by side or back to back.

Karen Hester is a founder of Temescal Creek Cohousing, an 8 unit cohousing
community in North Oakland. She has over 20 years of experience with group
process, grassroots organizing, trouble shooting and a demonstrated
commitment to building community.

Diane Ohlsson is a realtor with Red Oak Realty. She has been a realtor for
over 25 years and was the agent who located the property and worked with
group to organize Sacramento St Cohousing in Berkeley. She also was the
for Temescal Creek Cohousing and a cohousing community on Russell St in

Karen  Hester will work with individuals or groups to:

- network individuals or families with others interested in cohousing in
particular communities
- assess their cohesion as a group in terms of vision, values, timeline and
- explain legal terms like 'condoizing' in lay person's terms
- refer groups to mortgage brokers, contractors, the Co-housing Company and
other members of local cohousing communities

Diane Ohlsson will work with groups to locate  property when they have
demonstrated  a readiness and cohesion as a group.

For more information, call Karen Hester at 510-654-6346.
email:  Hesternet [at]

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