Re: Grease Traps
From: David Mandel (
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 01:01:14 -0600 (MDT)
We don't have a grease trap but it sounds like a good idea to those of us who 
about the common meals having too much fat. On the other hand, if it snares John
Travolta, my teenage daughter will never come back to the house to do her 
David, Southside Park

aamato [at] wrote:

> Dearest Cohousing Comrades the world over,
> I have a rather strange and esoteric inquiry that I hope someone out there can
> help with.
> Takoma Village Cohousing is in the middle of building its common house and in
> designing at our kitchen, we are trying to keep away from any red flags from 
> the
> Health Dept. to try and makes us a commercial kitchen. Our builder thinks the
> grease trap we have planned in the kitchen might set off an alarm with such
> bureaucratic entities and we wondered if we could get away with not having 
> one.
> So the question is:
> Do other Cohousing Common House kitchens have a grease trap?
> We really only care whether you have one at all, or whether you think they
> needed one afterall (include size of community and frequency of meals please).
> You don't have to include any technical details.
> Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
> Anna Amato
> Takoma Village Cohousing
> Washington, DC

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