Re: Work Requirements
From: Jim Snyder-Grant (
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 15:33:24 -0600 (MDT)
Sharon asked a few questions about work in 'mature' communities. Here's
answers for New View (Acton MA). People have been living here since 1995, so
I guess we qualify as at least semi-mature, although we have an appealingly
silly quality as well.

> How often do you have full community meetings?
Once per month, on the 15th.  (exceptions: If the 15th is on a Fridays or
Saturday, we move to Thursday or Sunday, resepctively).

> How often does the board or its equivalent meet?

About 1 week before the general meeting.

> How often do work groups or teams meet?

Varies tremendously. Common house committee probably meets the most these
days, as the C.H. is busy & rules are evolving. Maybe once every 2 weeks?
Most others are 1/month, or less.

> At TVC we are tensing up for move-in and some assurance that the
>work load eases off at some point would be helpful -- not that I
> would want to influence your responses or anything.

Based on our experience: less work will get done in the first year, no
matter what the work load is, because most HHs will need to focus inward on
setting up their house & adjusting to a new location.

 Luckily, you CAN do less that first year. Let's face it: you've made it in,
the big thing worked out, now you are talking about degrees & choices &
shades. For example, if your landscaping looks really ooky the first year or
two, you can start fixing it later. Landscaping is remarkably forgiving &
can be fixed by time & money. If relationships get a bit strained after
move-in, you can fix those over time as well: you are now about to be
neighbors for the next few decades & have time to slowly grow fabulous
connections that can stand a few rough times without falling apart. This is
different than the early days: A real estate deal gone sour may be gone
forever, and the people involved may never reconnect. You are over the big
enterprise-threatening hurdles. Time to kick back & be sure to celebrate.

Also: be sure to help each other move in, with meals, packing/unpacking,
friendly visits & other logistical support. Moving is REALLY stressful, and
helpful connections REALLY make a big difference.

New View (Acton MA)

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