Re: How to handle departing members
From: Patty F Gourley (
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 22:00:01 -0600 (MDT)
Thanks  for the wonderful post...I appreciate your contributions to this

Yes, you will survive the stress,  but you might feel "rode hard and put
away wet" for a few months at least ,after move in.   I would love to
hear how it goes for you and your family as you move from your present
home "through the looking glass" to your cohousing home.  

I just registered for a retreat facilitated by Joanna Macy called "Coming
Back to Life Peace Retreat" offerred to activists who are burned out.  I
felt kind of sheepish taking up space since I haven't been actively
working in the peace and environment movement for a few years, because of
the rigors of designing, building and moving into cohousing.  Then I read
a recent essay by Joanna where she states that building community is one
of the most important things we can do for the future of sustainable life
on earth.  (along with clean air, water and habitat protection)  I felt a
welcome acknowledgement for the past 9 years of weary weary work, and for
the tendency I am feeling now to pull back and replenish my soul.  

Creating and sustaining community is the very difficult work of
relationship.  (Angeles Arrien calls relationship work the toughest
spiritual path on the planet.  No kidding.)  
Thanks, Gretchen for your tender ceremonies that mark the comings and
goings of members.   This is the glue of community relations.   

Patty Mara Gourley
Tierra Nueva, central CA coast
Where my family will be celebrating our second year anniversary of moving
in (2 years? whew!)  with grilled rainbow trout  (for 30!) recently
caught in the high Sierras while on a family vacation.  

> Where Phase 1 completion is only 2-3 weeks away!  Check out our 
> newly
> revised website (url below).  Hope I can finish tonight's changes 
> before
> 1am, as has been my unfortunate habit for over a week.  My daughter 
> turns
> 3 tomorrow (6/25).  Boxes are taking over our apartment.  Can I hold 
> all
> of these miracles in my heart?  More importantly, will I survive the
> --
> gren [at]             Member of: Cascadia Commons 
> Cohousing
>                Portland, Oregon

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