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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 21:38:23 -0600 (MDT)
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<< 3) If the whole group uses the same program it helps immensely--they can 
each other questions. 

4) If your community is just getting up to speed -- not everyone has
computers and those who do are ready to upgrade -- choose a common model,
brand, etc., at least for the entry level people so they can all  help each
other.  I often have difficulty helping Windows users even when we are using
the same program-- the options on their menu are different from the Mac
versions. The differences between the various Windows machines (different
companies) can be very confusing. They do not all work the same way--there
is no standard. (I don't recommend Windows machines under any circumstances
but have not been able to convince them to close down. The new Mac OS may
work on formerly Windows machines, however, so salvation may be around the

Sharon >>

As another Mac user, I hesitate to advise everyone to get a common program and
 common model.  The computers usually end up being IBM clones because they're 
cheaper and then you're stuck with Windows and whatever.  This is happening 
in the school systems; schools are phasing out Macs and having IBM clones 
only because they don't want to confuse the kids with two different 
platforms.  Of course, it probably isn't the kids who are confused!

How about just setting up an internal coho technical support group?  It's a 
perfect sharing of skills and then everyone can pick from the marvelous and 
vast array of consumer choices available.  And if they pick carefully, 
they'll get a Mac anyway.  Problem solved!

    -Roger Berman
    Pathways Cohousing
    Northampton, MA

        Where everyone is in (as of July 3rd) and the Common House is being 
plumbed and the roof shingles are all on.  Still living in a dust bowl, 

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