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Hi all!

The chapter now has a new and improved message regarding the consensus
training w/ CT Butler.  It is below.  Same general  information w/ more

We hope you can attend this event.  Kinda like a mini, mini, mini East Coast
Conference!  Cohousers involved in various stages of development are
attending.  This fall, this is the place to rub elbows and pick up pointers
from "them that's been there!"

Please come!  It will be good to see  you!


Greetings all!  The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of TCN is offering a consensus
training workshop by CT Butler Sept. 9-10, 2000 (Sat/Sun.)  It will be held
here in Bethesda.  The cost is $100.00 per person for the two days of
training.  It's a brown bag lunch both days.

CT is the author of "On Conflict and Consensus" a book often used by
cohousing groups. If you use this book already, this is an opportunity to
learn the subtleties of the model and you might be surprised about a few of
the steps! If you have not read the book or used the model then this is a
real opportunity to learn this consensus process.

Objectives of the Workshop: Each participant will receive the experience and
skill necessary to organize and facilitate a meeting using formal
Intentional Consensus. The techniques used to encourage respect for
diversity, creative conflict resolution, and self-empowerment will be
explored utilizing role plays. These role plays will provide experiential
learning on such topics as: agenda planning, facilitation techniques, small
group discussion, and evaluation. The beginner as well as the experienced
practitioner of consensus will find this workshop stimulating and valuable.

We invite you to attend this workshop BUT space is limited.

Nitty Gritty:  The workshop cost is $100.00.  A NON REFUNDABLE check for
$50.00 reserves your space.  Balance due Sat. Sept. 9th.  Make the check
payable to: "TCN Mid-Atlantic Chapter"  and send to Dee Dishon at 2943
Oakborough Square,
 Oakton VA 22124. You can contact Dee at ddishon [at] or 703-242-5044.

Please include your name, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address w/ your
Let us know by which of these you prefer to be contacted.  Specific
directions to the site will
be sent to you upon receipt of your check.


Ann Zabaldo

Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC. -- America's

"Looking inward from the street, the eye is drawn to the lone power cable
stretched between the North and South Wings.  Festooned with !!!!Warning!!!!
yellow tape, it evokes, briefly, streamer and laundry-criscrossed courtyards
in out-of-the-way Mediterranean villages."   From our resident poet laureate
and bon vivant, Ron Murray.

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