Re: Would a cohousing/guest ranch make sense?
From: Jim Snyder-Grant (
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 16:44:49 -0600 (MDT)
In one of my previous experiences with community, I helped run a conference
center business that employed a good percentage of us community residents.
It was an income-sharing community rather than a cohousing group, however.
The business was "Another Place Conference Center" in Greenville NH.  There
was also a nice synergy whenever a conference had 'community' as part of the
topic: we were a living example & could share our experiences. Most of us
were comfy with working wth groups of people, or got that way quick. It was
also nice for us residents to have many interactions with 'outsiders' to
help prevent the in-group isolation that can happen in rural community. One
thing we could od that probably wouldn't work in coho: during the biggest
conferences, we would all move out to various tent-like things in the woods,
and attendees would get the indoor beds.  This made the economics easier.

-Jim Snyder-Grant, now part of New View cohousing in Acton MA.

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Subject: Would a cohousing/guest ranch make sense?

> I sent this yesterday, but I don't think it went out.  I didn't receive a
> copy of it.
> If this is your second one, I'm sorry.
> Does anyone know of a cohousing community that operates a bed &
> breakfast or guest ranch as part of the community?  Last weekend I went
> to a family reunion at my uncle's guest ranch in Texas.  They basically
> have a common house and 12 cabins.  In addition, they had a 24 stall
> barn, bunkhouse that sleeps 20, swimming pool, hot tub, volleyball, a
> smoke house, an RV park with 20 spots, and a pavilion big enough to seat
> a group of about 100 people at picnic tables.
> The ranch is very profitable.  Church groups have dinners there on
> Sunday afternoons.  During the summer, they have several 3 day camps for
> kids.  And they have family reunions on weekends.
> My uncle and his family work pretty hard to host big groups, but it
> seems like a cohousing community could spread that work between a lot
> more people pretty easily.  I'm thinking of a group of houses on one
> side of the common house for the full time residents with another set of
> houses on the other side of the common house rented out to groups.  It
> seems like the ranch could probably employ a quarter of the residents.
> Has anyone done anything like this before?

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