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Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 08:50:00 -0600 (MDT)
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..opposed the system by which people who
 work less pay more... we don't like setting up a situation in which
 the "choice" between working more and paying more is a real choice for
 those who can afford to pay more but not for those who can't. We didn't
 want to encourage creation of a two-tier society where some pay more to
 have others work more. Ours is a particularly mixed-income community,
 but I think the principle applies generally. >>

h-m-m-m.  Interesting.  What did your group think about personal budgeting, 
both of time and of money?  ...these choices that every person has... Some 
people budget huge amounts of  personal income for continuing education in 
their adult life.  They don't just "have" more money now; they may have made 
great sacrifices to get it.  They may be absorbed in work (or in enjoying 
their leisure!) and find that time is now a scarcer resource than money - to 
be spent  very, very carefully.  If you think about it, both time to live and 
money to spend are limited, finite resources in most people's lives.  We are 
all empowered to make personal choices about their use, based on what we 
value.  I don't think I'd wanna try to engineer that overmuch.

Linda Scott
Cascadia Commons Cohousing, Portland, OR (I close on my unit today!  

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