Re: no to dinner music
From: Michael Donovan (
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 17:33:57 -0700 (MST)
It is interesting to see the various reactions to this issue. It certainly
seems to be a matter of personal taste more than anything.

However, it occurs to me that what we are talking about-music in a dining
area with large numbers of people-already happens in many fine restaurants.
Usually with larger numbers of people than even the largest cohousing
communities, frequently with taped or live music "backgrounds," and without
the noise level that concerns most diners. It seems that it is not a problem
there and I wonder why. Is the acoustical control more sophisticated than
cohousers can afford? Do linen tablecloths (not typically found in
cohousing) act as a sound dampener? Or do people talk differently in fine
restaurants than we do around friends in a more casual setting? [see
Sandelin's note] 

Just wondering.

Michael Donovan
Village in the City
St. Louis MO

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