Re: second oven?
From: Catherine Harper (
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 18:22:04 -0700 (MST)
On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Joani Blank wrote:

> I'm guessing you have 12 other ovens a stone's throw from your common house
> kitchen. 

Just a comment from left field here -- why not add a wood burning brick
oven?  Okay, I know that wood burning appliances are also a contraversial
subject, but a few thoughts:

Depending on how it's designed, a wood oven should be fairly efficient
(for instance, mine, which is currently at something like 700 degrees --
I'm using it like a masonry heater right now -- was started with 5 pieces
of wood early today, will probably burn a few more before evening, and
will still be warm tomorrow morning.  And these are fairly small pieces of
wood, BTW). Depending on how they are designed, they can either be a
source of heat for the building, or insulated not to be so (if they are a
source of heat, they're less likely to be used during the summer -- unless
they're outdoors, which is a popular option -- but they're a remarkably
cheering source of heat.  And in the summer ovens in other buildings are
more accessible because nasty weather is less of an issue.) 

Culinarily, wood ovens are fabulous.  The best bread comes from brick
ovens.  They roast wonderfully.  And they encourage oven cooking, which is
pretty cool too -- whenever ours is going I find I end up baking this and
that in it throughout the day, since they stay hot so long once they are
hot.  (The world's best lasagne.  Stuffed squash.  Unbelievable leg of
lamb.  Pizza parties...  Slow cooked porridge hot and ready when you wake
up... and to think I got this just for bread!) 

And there's that wonderful tradition of communal wood burning ovens...

Anyhow, as I said a bit of an idea from left field, and a chance to crow
about a fairly major hobby of mine right now.  (And in the process of
doing the research to get my oven put in, I got interested in masonry
heaters, which are also pretty neat.)


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