legal help needed
From: Denise Meier (
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 14:33:53 -0700 (MST)
We at Two Acre Wood want to dissolve the LLC (Limited Liability Company)
we formed to build this place, and transfer the responsibility for
finishing up the little items that are still outstanding to the HOA
(Homeowner's Association). Has any other group done this? We tried to
get some legal advice and ended up with an offer to write up a transfer
document at a cost of $3500 - $4000. This seems really high, and quite
possibly unnecessary.

I assume other groups had this structure and then dissolved it, even
though I know the LLC structure is relatively new. What we're trying to
understand is whether there is some legal protection the LLC offers us
that we are giving up by dissolving it, and whether we should keep it
around. I mean, it has to go away at SOME point, we can't keep it open
indefinitely (at $800 minimum corporate tax/year) - just for the purpose
of some vague liability protection.

Any comments or ideas?

Denise Meier

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