Effect on surrounding property values
From: Brian Baresch (bareschearthlink.net)
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 21:57:48 -0700 (MST)
Hi all. Our community is going through the rezoning process at the moment
(planning commission tomorrow night). The neighbors are mostly happy about
our coming into the area, but a couple of folks are concerned about the
effect all our shiny new residences will have on the valuations, and thus
the taxes, on the surrounding 100-year-old houses in this mainly
working-class neighborhood.

I doubt this'll be a problem for the rezoning, but it could be a source of
friction in a few cases. About half of the neighboring houses are
owner-occupied, and this isn't a rich area; ours will be by far the
priciest residences on the block.

So I guess my question is: Will the effect on surrounding property tax
levies be enough to be troublesome for the neighbors? And what should we
say when people ask about it? Anyone have experience with this issue? Other


Best regards,

Brian Baresch
Delaware Street Commons
Lawrence, Kansas

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