Re: Policy on Cancelling Meetings
From: Cascadia Commons Cohousing (
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 13:08:57 -0700 (MST)
Cascadia Commons in Portland, OR uses a "phone tree" for important notices
with short time leads.  One household is responsible to start the tree, on
request from any member with an urgent message.  The initiating household
calls three predesignated others, each of them calls three others... and so
on until everyone is reached.  If one can't reach the person to be called
within a reasonable time, one then calls their  people. 

We don't have to use it often, and it works quite well without too much
effort by anyone.

George Stone

At 10:05 AM 12/16/00 -0600, you wrote:
>One of the issues are community is looking at right now is developing a
>policy on cancelling meetings.  This is the result of a meeting being
>recently cancelled which almost everyone, if not everyone, thought was
>inappropriately done.
>Questions we are looking at are, How far in advance should this decision be
>made?  How do we make sure that everyone is notified that the decision is
>being considered?  Not everyone reads their email every day.  Email,
>Face-to-face, Notice on bulletin board, Phone Calls??  Does everyone who
>responds have to agree that it's ok to change the meeting?  Do a few people
>then consider all the information they have and then report the decision
>back to the group?  Is a policy on this subject really desirable?
>So I'm asking for input about what kind of policies about cancelling
>meetings other groups have adopted.
>As our community changes from being a scattered community to a gathered
>community, I'm finding the resources of this listserve immensely helpful.
>Becky Schaller
>Sonora Cohousing
>Tucson, Arizona
>Where our units are all sold, almost everyone has moved in, and construction
>is in the almost final stages. 

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