RE: The miracle of cohousing: National Cohousing Day
From: Diane or Douglas (
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 22:16:05 -0700 (MST)
I'm all for a cohousing day.

Doug Larson
Songaia, Bothell WA

On Tuesday, December 19, 2000 2:53 PM, Rob Sandelin [SMTP:floriferous [at]] wrote:
| I was reminded the other day that there is a miracle in our midst here!
| I was talking with a local business person in the small town near where I
| live and the conversation  turned to cohousing. This person could not
| believe that people, who for the most part are strangers to each other,
| could cooperatively band together to build a multi-million dollar real
| estate development, and do so with some "dream" in mind. His response  was:
| Husbands and wives can't hardly design a house without most of them ending
| up in divorce court. NO WAY could a bunch strangers pull this off. Least not
| more than once or twice in a hundred years.
| Well I gave him the cohousing book and got him to a community dinner. He was
| stunned. He kept saying, My god, this is the best kept secret in America.
| This miracle of cooperation goes largely unseen by the rest of the country.
| And while we may complain about the meetings, the less than absolutely
| perfect development issues, there is a whole amazing thing that we take for
| granted.  And, there are dozens more of places all around the country
| following our footsteps. I think  maybe we could celebrate this miracle in
| some  kind of larger scale. Maybe a national Cohousing Day? Just a day where
| every cohousing group raises their glasses to toast, what is frankly, an
| astonishing achievement that deserves a lot more recognition and celebration
| than it gets. A collective day of admiration for ourselves.
| Ok, I'll pick a random month out of the hat, How about a day in September as
| National Cohousing Day? Throw out some press releases showing off our
| accomplishments, do an open house at  as  many groups as we can get to
| participate, and just PARTY! We deserve the party at least.
| Rob Sandelin
| Community Works!

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