Cohousing in the News
From: Zev Paiss (
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:04:11 -0700 (MST)
Dear Cohousers,

I have volunteered to help collect news stories about cohousing in the
national and local media, including newspapers, magazines, television
and radio. I'll be passing these stories on to Stella Tarnay, Executive
Editor of the Journal, and TCN's webmaster for possible publication, and
archiving them for The Network Network.  (The Cohousing Company has done
this task in the past by default, but they are happy to pass it on.)

If you know about a media cohousing story, starting from Sept. 2000,
please let me know--if you can mail me hard copy of an article or send a
video/audio tape that would be ideal. I would also appreciate a heads up
about any stories the media is now working on.  I will be creating an
archive book of cohousing stories in hard copy, plus videotapes that can
be loaned out from TCN on request.

Select stories will be posted on the web in a section called "Cohousing
in the News" and in the Journal's  "Cohousing News and Updates." We hope
they will be helpful to cohousing groups wanting to show credible
coverage of cohousing for marketing purposes, and to journalists who may
want to refer to another reporter's story about cohousing.

For future TV and radio stories, I have contracted a professional agency
called Video Monitoring Service (VMS) that will, at no cost, alert me
anytime there is a broadcast report about cohousing in any state in the
U.S. The service covers all the network affiliates in the top 70
markets, plus the major cable and independent stations. VMS is doing
this for free as a courtesy because I have coordinated TV programs about
cohousing and have ordered videotape copies in the past. Their search
will include key words such as The Cohousing Network, plus names of
specific cohousing groups. If you would like to have your cohousing
community included in this search, please let me know and we'll add your
name to the search list.

While we can now learn about future broadcast coverage relatively
easily, there is no budget for us to set up a clipping service for print
articles about cohousing. As usual in cohousing, we will get the job
done on the grassroots level!

Thank in advance for your help and time.


Neshama Abraham Paiss
1460 Quince Avenue, #102
Boulder, CO  80304-1157
Office tel:  303-413-8066
Office fax: 303-413-8067
email: neshama36 [at]

P.S. You can access my web site for Abraham & Associates (marketing &
public relations for cohousing groups in the development stage) via the
TCN web site. It's linked under Resources then Professionals.

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