male and female work dynamics
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Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 10:14:54 -0700 (MST)
Liz wrote
I hate to say it, but if left to volunteerism, the work
>involved in parties gets done by women almost exclusively. I'd fall over in
>a dead faint if I saw a man start to clean up after a potluck. 

I can report that this is not a cohousing wide phenomenon, fortunately. \\\\\|I 
am at a moroccan keyboard in marrakesh so forgive the odd punctuation,,, At 
RoseWind Cohousing, \\\Port Townsend WA, \i swear more of the dishes are washed 
by guys  it's almost like they like to do it because it's in public and they 
get seen doing it! \party planning too is well shared. probably most potluck 
food is cooked by the women, but there are exceptions to that too, \\i did have 
to argue for years about our office of President. Although it is entirely 
titular, a requirement of the State as a corporation, with absolutely no powers 
except document signing, there was still a tendency to give it always to a guy, 
preferably a venerable elder or a  charismatic leader type AS IF it had power, 
and then that power should go in a traditional patriarchal way. Woman secretary 
of course. There is also a certain tendency among the older guys in the group 
to WANT the presidency to mean something, even tho!
ugh we have a steering committee chosen by the whole group. \\\\habits die hard

time to plunge back into the crowds in the Djemmaa el Fnaa. \internet cafes 
everywhere, about a dollar an hour
\\lynn nadeau, usually in \port townsend washington

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