Thanks for info
From: Cheryl Charis-Graves (
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 08:09:17 -0700 (MST)
Thanks to everyone who responded with info, contact persons, and links for my
fellow community member. It was quite an abundance of information, and I have 
it all on to him. He expresses his appreciation, and has lots of research to do

I thought afterwards that I could have just given him the link to the cohousing
network, but in a strange sort of way, it was rewarding to put out a request and
have it responded to so warmly and quickly. A connection, instead of just a
successful end.

I also felt a little guilty that I didn't get the cohousing network links 
as I am one of those who grouse about people who ask me, "where is it?" without
looking for it first themselves. So I discovered that having someone provide me
with the link and not going through the struggle myself, especially since it 
was on
someone else's behalf, just made my life a little bit easier. It's something I 
remember next time someone asks me a question because they think I might know
quicker than they can look for it.

This year, I am working on being more gentle in my assessment of myself and 

Thanks again for the info on Australia/New Zealand communities!

Harmony Village Cohousing in Golden, Colorado

P.S. A fellow cohouser and myself stood with the 200,000+ people in downtown 
taking in the spectacular fireworks display on Sunday night, reportedly the 
best in
the whole country this year. It was a great place to be, and I was glad to be 
with a neighbor and friend.

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